Remuneration & Governance Reporting Webinar

Thu 08 Oct 2020

Prism Cosec, together with London Stock Exchange and Alvarez & Marsal, will be holding its annual webinar on Remuneration & Governance reporting on Thursday 8 October 2020 from 10am to 12pm (BST).

This year remuneration has continued to take centre stage as the majority of main market listed companies have reviewed their remuneration policies. At the same time, the UK Government, regulators and investors are broadening their expectations for good governance practice and reporting. 

Director pay has remained in the spotlight in 2020 and will remain under scrutiny into 2021. In particular, the ongoing pandemic has required many companies to make changes to Director as well as employee remuneration arrangements. The appropriateness of many of the decisions taken during the pandemic will not be judged by shareholders until next year’s AGMs are held. However, it seems very likely that we may see further controversy next year as, in the exceptionally challenging circumstances in which companies have found themselves, it is unlikely that shareholders agree with every decision that has been taken by companies.

At the same time, approximately 50% of main market listed companies needed to hold a triennial vote on their Directors’ remuneration policy this year and all companies needed to report on their implementation of the revised UK Corporate Governance Code, implement new statutory disclosures (such as the CEO Pay Ratio disclosures) and respond to updated principles from the Investment Association.

As this is intended to be an interactive session, we would welcome any questions you would like to submit in advance, please send these to JDevon@lseg.com.

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