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Boardroom Solutions

The Prism Boardroom suite of services utilises the experience of our team of senior chartered secretaries who, between them, offer over 200 years of experience on the boards of listed companies.

Using our knowledge of listed company boardrooms and company secretariats, we offer impartial advice to help boards, individual directors and company secretaries become more effective.

Prism Boardroom offers inductions for directors joining PLC boards, supporting directors new to the UK, or to the listing regime, by making sense of relevant corporate documents, in the context of the legal and regulatory framework and their new responsibilities.

We provide ongoing training and updates on corporate governance and directors' roles and responsibilities for listed boards, subsidiary companies and joint ventures. All our sessions are tailored to the client, designed to focus on what the current requirements mean for their business. 

We provide a departmental audit service; reviewing existing company secretarial functions and advising on development or restructuring options particularly through organisational change. We also provide temporary cover; covering the gap while a new Company Secretary is recruited. 

For company secretaries we offer personal mentoring and support services.


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